Developing Capacity and Safeguarding Opportunities for African Women

The empowerment and inclusion of women in decision-making capacity and leadership roles is a critical aspect of building stronger and more sustainable societies. In Africa, women have historically faced numerous challenges in accessing leadership positions and decision-making roles. However recognizing the immense potential that women bring to the table and the trans-formative impact of their […]

Women, Girls, Political, Economic and Social Participation in Nigeria: Challenges, Prospects and Solutions

Abstract The thrust of the paper is on challenges and prospects of women, girls, political, economic and social participation in Nigeria. There is no doubt that in most African countries, which Nigeria belongs, women’s inequitable gender relations, their poverty and powerlessness in society are interconnected. Women and girls participation in political, social and economic activities […]

Breaking the chains: Overcoming Widow’s Socio-Economic Challenges in Africa

Introduction Widowhood practices, inheritance rights, and the socioeconomic challenges faced by widows in Africa are critical issues that require attention and action. In many African societies, widows encounter discriminatory practices that deny them access to inherited property, financial resources, and other assets. These practices not only perpetuate gender inequalities but also have profound economic and […]


X-raying the Banjul African Women Conference

There is an ongoing mass revolution in Africa, women in Africa are up with today‘s changing times, and they aren‘t waiting on the wing of time anymore l but are fully in control of the hand of time. Under the canopy of the African Women Conference, Dr Jumai Ahmadu is leading this movement. Prominent in […]


AWC 2022: African Women Converge in Banjul

African women from all walks of life converged in Banjul, the Gambian capital to deliberate on a spectrum of topics around women empowerment, governance and policy development frameworks. The Africa Women Conference(AWC) is an annual international event which brings together great women leaders and gender advocates for the common good of all.     The […]