Empowering African Girls: The Journey of Helpline’s Voice of the Girls Parliament

Article by Praise Sams Speaker VOGP

Here in Africa, female leaders and entrepreneurs have already proven in so many different ways to be really unstoppable in terms of how much progress they are making but this progress is distorted, one might say, due to some ancient archaic traditions such as child marriage, female gender stigmatization, male child preference and many more which are stopping African women from reaching their full potential.

There are practices today that restrict girls from accessing formal education. If I may ask, how are women supposed to be included in the development of this continent if they are not educated.

This is why the Helpline’s Voice of the Girls Parliament (VOGP) is an amazing tool in the hands of we girls, to speak out for other girls who can’t speak for themselves, who are being marginalized and who do not have access to education which is their fundamental human right.

One of our aims is to equip these girls with entrepreneurship skills and also digital skills which gives them access to the information they need to become more empowered and participatory in Africa’s Development Agenda.

The Helpline’s voice of the Girls parliament is also teaching girls leadership skills at a young age so that they can be able to lead when they get the opportunity.
The Helpline’s voice of the girls’ parliament is coming to a level where people from other countries can access it online but till then, you can make a change. No one changes the world alone and no one doesn’t change it at all. Each and every one of us can make a difference if we commit ourselves to do it as it is in our hands to make a difference.

We could help girls around us who are being marginalized and can’t speak out, to report those marginalizing them to the appropriate authorities.
We could also ensure that these girls have access to education in the little way we can because when we educate girls we are raising intelligent women who can make a big difference in our dear continent.

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