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22nd – 27th November 2021 Slated for 4th Africa Women Conference in Kigali Rwanda

The Fourth version of the Africa Women Conference (AWC) is set to hold in Kigali, Rwanda, from the 22nd to the 27th of November 2021.

Africa Women Conference was a result of the acknowledgement that African ladies have a ton to bring to the table towards the development and improvement of our dear mainland. Regardless of the colossal possibilities, this essential fragment of society keeps on being dismissed and under-resourced. The keys to changing these accounts, notwithstanding, lie in those influenced to join together and make Afrocentric answers for the difficulties they face.

The Africa Women Conference is making the stage through which we can team up and assemble associations to engage ourselves as well as each lady in our networks.

The Africa Women Conference is a drive of The Helpline Foundation for the Needy Abuja in a joint effort with the Echoes Africa Initiatives New York: both are non-administrative associations zeroed in on giving alleviation and monetary strengthening to the less favoured in the general public.

Africa Women Conference perceives the commitments of ladies towards the development and improvement of Africa and urges ladies to accomplish more.

AWC Support the lobbies for the security of the privileges of ladies, kids, matured, incapacitated and other weak individuals in Africa and furthermore Networking with effective business visionaries, strategy producers, researchers and experts who are affecting improvement across Africa.

The most basic thing about Africa Women Conference is that it advances African products, administrations and brands on a worldwide stage through International exhibitions. Register to join partners from across the mainland in Kigali, Rwanda, to outline a course for the following essence of the financial strengthening of ladies in Africa.

To take an interest, visit www.africa-womenconference.org.

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