AWC Exploring Growth Opportunity Series

Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic around the world seems to have disrupted the global system and brought human activities to a halt. Women are mostly hit by these changes which began since January 2020, the number of cases linked to Gender-Based Violence has also increased greatly.

Just a few hours ago, a young undergraduate student in Benin city, Nigeria, Uwa Omozuwa was brutally raped and murdered while trying to read in a place she felt was safe.

With the downward turn of our nations’ economies, women in the non-formal sectors are badly hit as most of them have now lost their sources of income or had this income greatly reduced.

It is now more important than ever before to rise as African women to define our future and that of our children. Our ways of doing business will now have to change in line with the new normal. Our Advocacy will have to change and so are the legislations and systems that are meant to protect us.

The Africa Women Conference is hosting the Exploring Growth Opportunities Series to allow women of African descent globally to come together to chart a course for our collective future.


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Dr. Jumai Ahmadu



  • This conference will go a long way to reposition the today African women, who have been subjugated and religated to the background by obnoxious costom and traditions , bad legislatollon and poor leadership in the partriaca male dominated society. It will awake the consciousness of African women in the phase of the economic challenge post by covid 19.i believe that a programme such as this will flatten the curve of inegualty in the male churvenistc society. It is urgent and a very timely workshop. More grace for a greater hight for the African woman.

  • This is most auspicious at this point in global history when developing strategies for women empowerement has become more imperative and providing safety nets for their security amidst various vulnerabilities is a matter of urgency.

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